Before proceeding with payment..

1. Please only pay once you have received an invoice from us, not for the order that you have asked for. This will only happen the afternoon before delivery at the earliest.

2. Please state the email address of the account holder and not your own, if this is different. This is in case we struggle to reconcile the payment – it really helps us to make sure your payment is allocated against the right account.

3. Any transaction of £1,000 or more will automatically decline – this is to ensure you don’t accidentally overpay. We can accept payments over this value, but please call us on 01983 529840 to do so.

4. Please be aware we do not currently accept American Express.

5. Your address, postcode and CVV2 (3 digits on the back of the card) must all match the details on your card. If these do not match, your transaction will be declined.

Thank you!

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