Up to £10 off per head when you dine in during August!

Yep, you read it right. Look out for local businesses and support them by dining in, and you could get up to £10 per head off of your food and non-alcoholic drinks bill on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays! This is an initiative by the government to incentivise heading back out into restaurants and cafes to give them the support they very much need right now.

New book for Island chef

Island chef, forager and now author Brad Roe has just published his first book!

Brad describes in this book how to boost your confidence as an average cook at home as well as how to further your career in the chef world. This useful guidebook on the culinary industry involves all of Brad’s tips and views that he has acquired over the years, working at prestigious 5 star hotel’s throughout the world, including London, LA, Orlando and Las Vegas.

You can purchase the book from Amazon here.

Congratulations Brad! All the best for the book!

Happy monkeys!

We met with Don yesterday at Monkey Haven with the first of many donations! You, our customers, have raised so much in the last couple of months that we are staggering the donations over the next month for them with weekly deliveries. Your donations have been topped up with an extra 20% from Medina too.

To make a donation when you next order, just add code 2385.

First RSPCA donation!

We’re delighted to be making our first donation to RSPCA Isle of Wight Branch! Thank you to all of our customers who kindly added code 4203 to their order to make a contribution to this local lifeline!

This is an ongoing campaign so you can continue to do so and we will ensure they receive your generous donations!